Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New App: Oil Panic!

Hey guys, I found an interesting game called Oil Panic! this week on the app store.
Link to the app can be found here:

Oil Panic! is a really fun game that pokes fun at the BP Oil crisis. It is a game in which you can build rigs on the ocean surface to start siphoning the oil from the ocean floor. The rigs will rupture over time and you must repair them as quickly as possible while keeping the rest of your rigs functioning. There are about 10 different upgrades you can purchase with the money you get from the oil you collect that help you make more profit, such as increase the rig life/increasing siphon rate/reducing rig build time, and more.

There are also 5 different modes of play that have different end goals and game conditions. Overall it is a great game to check out, and at the price of $0.99, it is really worth the download.

For those who don't want to buy the game right away, there is a Lite version available FOR FREE that allowed you to play the Classic Mode with a few of the upgrades available. If you enjoy the game, there is an option to upgrade to the full version within the Lite version.

Monday, September 6, 2010

First App of discussion: Plants Vs Zombies

Link to the app found at:

This application is a wonderful cannon defense/strategy game where you build flowers to combat the evil zombies trying to break into your farm house. It has very simplistic yet satisfying graphics and many variations in game play.

The initial levels are very simple, but as you keep going, more complex enemies appear and you also unlock more complex and condition specific flower turrets to defend against them.

At $2.99 US I would highly recommend this game because you will get many many hours of entertainment out of this very addictive app.

First Post

Hey Guys! This is my first official post to my new blog focusing on the discussion/featuring of interesting free and paid applications I discover on the App Store. Many applications go unnoticed and under appreciated as the insane number of available applications keep rising. This blog aims to give a shout out to unique and interesting applications and the occasional free promotional codes to applications.

Today I will be setting up all the technical details of the blog, I hope to have actual content up as early as tonight.